The Fascia Clinics Unique Approach

Your body is shaped by your experiences + your environment. By releasing these patterns holding us back, we can release the physical pains + the soul story we have acquired. The Fascia Clinic’s unique approach to healing is based on homeopathic principles + a deep understanding of how fascia operates.

This fascial bodywork is more than an ordinary massage, it’s a total unwinding + reorganization of your being.

You deserve exponential growth!

It’s time to move through the recurring headaches, stomach aches, joint paints, and more.



Fascial Therapy

The Gillespie Approach is a world renowned therapy allowing deep healing from birth + traumatic histories. This gentle, unwinding release is suitable for children + adults.

Therapeutic Massage

With fascial therapies + homeopathic principles, these massage + bodywork sessions are intended to find the root of the problems allowing for true, lasting healing.


Homeopathic Lifestyle Consulting

Homeopathy is an old alternative health modality that honors individuality for each person’s experience. These sessions help you clarify what needs to be shifted in your life + actionable steps to begin creating change.

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