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The Feeling Fascia™
Live Webinar Course

Discern the differences between fascia and other tissues, understand fascial patterns and start working with fascia effectively.
3 CEs (NCTMB) professional training for therapists.
Non-therapists are welcome!
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Webinar recording will be available to all attendees.
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Join us for this important training, where you will learn:
How to feel the difference between fascia, muscle and other tissue
What fascia really is and its role through a holistic lens
The most common patterns and what "getting stuck" can mean for the client
Techniques on your own body to feel the effects of gentle manipulation
Have you taken fascia trainings and still feel like you’re unsure if you’re doing it correctly?

Have you been hearing the buzz about fascia and want to start with a solid foundation?

This 3 CE webinar course is for you!

This course is intended to train hands-on practitioners in discerning the differences between fascia and other tissues, begin understanding the patterns that are showing up and start working on it effectively. In this virtual, in person class, students will learn what fascia is, how to differentiate it from other tissues through palpation and practice new techniques to begin repatterning the full fascial web.
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Webinar recording will be available to all attendees.
Regular Price $125
Sale Price: $75
Portrait of Heather Natoli
Meet Your Teacher

Heather Natoli

Homeopathic Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Fascia Bodyworker, Certified Fascia Fitness Trainer, Certified Restore Your Core Teacher
Heather Natoli is the founder and owner of The Fascia Clinic in Manasquan, NJ where she educates and facilitates fascia bodywork and movement repatterning for clients and healing practitioners. Heather Natoli is a homeopathic practitioner, licensed massage therapist and fascia bodyworker, a certified fascia fitness professional and certified Restore Your Core teacher. She is on a journey to empower and encourage individuals to take their healing back into their own hands by understanding their patterns and needs through deep inner connection. The magic lies in safely reconnecting ourselves to ourselves and the world around us.
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