Are you ready to shift deeply rooted generational patterns

to live out your life's purpose?

You have an incredible purpose to share with this world.

You may be a parent breaking a family cycle, or an entrepreneur breathing life in to a passion project. Or you can envision the partner you want, the lifestyle you dream of, the leaps you want to take, but can't seem to figure out what keeps knocking you off course. You may feel the momentum of possibility, only to hit a wall of familiar themes. 

Repatterning your body & mind will allow you to step in to your true soul's purpose without feeling perpetually stunted.
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Does this sound familiar?

You have a beautiful vision for your life & relationships, but feel misunderstood.
Perpetual stress leaves you feeling unproductive.
You feel purposeful & inspired until your relationships begin to suffer, forcing you to pull back.
You feel stuck in a loop jumping from one method to the next trying to heal yourself.
You are watching your children follow in the same emotional & physical struggles you had to overcome.


Waking up each day feeling healthy & energized. Each moment feels intentional & perfectly in line with your life goals. You lead your life with vitality & happily connect with yourself & others. You are vivacious.
Imagine showing up in relationships with others and yourself with confidence, clear communication and purpose.
You feel safe and secure, knowing that the people you choose to surround yourself with value you as much as you do them.
Your parents, partner and children all begin shifting out of old cycles because you have shifted the way you show up!
You are using your past as a launching pad to evolve and you are inspiring others to make the leap with you.
Your body feels agile & healthy, allowing you to connect with others in playful experiences like dancing, hiking, climbing & traveling.

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From Pain to Purpose:

Moving Generational Patterns Through your Body to Fully Show Up in your Truest Expression
A LIVE 90 minute workshop & 5 pre-recorded classes to help you up-level your relationships, repattern your body & step into the radiant, ever evolving human you were born to be.
Re-train your largest sensing organ to repattern your nervous system
Identify toxic relationship patterns to improve romantic partnership, family dynamics & friendships
Lovingly detangle threads of trauma—physical, emotional, sexual, spiritual—however severe
Relieve physical pains and limitations, recent or lifelong, and expand your physical ability
Shift your epigenetic blueprint
As a Bonus:

Join our community of purposeful self healers to find support + encouragement as you begin this new journey.

Included with this Bundle:

From Pain to Purpose LIVE 1 hour Workshop on May 18, 8PM EST - $297 value
30 Minute LIVE Q+A - $197 value
The at home self-bodywork course - Cellular Restructuring with Self Touch - $495 value

Discovering the Connections of Coping Patterns Workbook - $25 value

  • A meditative journal intended to assist you in discovering the patterns held in your body + the lesson they hold in your healing journey.
  • Meet the restrictions, hold space for why they are showing up + begin releasing them with compassion.

My Unwinding the Story Body E-book - $25 value
A gorgeous, 20 page PDF walking you through:

  • The conduit between Body + Soul
  • A deeper look at the fight or flight coping pattern
  • Step by step cellular unwinding
Healing for Good FB Community - PRICELESS
Total Value: $1,034

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