Holistic Therapeutic Massage Therapy

Break Through Limiting Patterns in your Body and Spirit

Overcome the past injuries, sub-optimal habitual movement and posture, physical and emotional trauma and limiting patterns being held in your body.
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In-Person Therapy Appointments

The Fascia Clinic integrates multiple bodywork therapies to create a tailored program for each individual. Using techniques such as craniosacral fascial therapy, fascial release, therapeutic massage, reiki and others, TFC therapists create a multidisciplinary experience during each session to move you down your personal path of growth, healing, strength and resilience, so you can fulfill the best possible expression of your self.

From Pain to Purpose: Online Program

Changing the Deeply Rooted Patterns that Keep Us from Living Our Purpose

You have an incredible purpose to share with this world.

You may be a parent breaking a family cycle, or an entrepreneur breathing life in to a passion project. Or you can envision the partner you want, the lifestyle you dream of, the leaps you want to take, but can't seem to figure out what keeps knocking you off course. You may feel the momentum of possibility, only to hit a wall of familiar themes.

Repatterning your body & mind will allow you to step in to your true soul's purpose without feeling perpetually stunted.

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It's All Connected

Fascia is the water-based web that weaves your nervous system, muscular system, skeletal system and energetic body together.

Amazing - felt so great afterward.


The services offered are excellent. Very knowledgeable.

Julie K.

Positive initial overall impression of the Clinic. The ambiance is soothing and calm.


Amazing experience


I have told friends that Heather is wonderful.


For a while I had neck and shoulder pain. After a little therapy the neck eased up but the doctor’s kept saying Shoulder pain was still from my neck. After reading about the Fascia I realized I had a frozen shoulder. After the first session I noticed things loosing up and continued to do so after every session. So glad I found the Fascia Clinic


Heather is very knowledgeable. Fascia massage really helps reduce pain and helps improve my movement and flexibility. Highly recommend!!!!


Heather is knowledgeable and skilled. I felt safe and well taken care of under her care. I am looking forward to future sessions with her.




Such a relaxing experience! I would definitely recommend for anyone looking to have reiki or fascia work done.


Great experience! Can't wait to bring my son back


Heather is very knowledgeable and has helped me so much.


Heather is a gifted, intuitive therapist. The fascial/massage work was very therapeutic and restorative. I will return again and again and have already recommended her to family and friends.


I have chronic neck pain and pinched nerves in my back as well. Heather was able to target those areas and really work the tension out. I felt such relief after the massage and I was able to let go and relax. She also showed me some wonderful stretches that I can do everyday to help manage the tightness and pain. She really blew me away with her technique and knowledge.


In just one session I felt so much more connected to my body and my patterns. Heather was nurturing and I was able to relax and receive the physical and emotional support to feel safe which confirms this will be a truly healing path. Looking forward to my next session.


Heather is a Master at her craft. Her intuition and ability to know the body is truly a gift. I consider myself a Master Healer and Coach and hold space for many Sacred Feminine Visionaries- Finding someone who is able to hold that space for me in return is truly a treasure. I highly recommend Heather to anyone seeking deep work through homeopathy and fascia release.


Unwind body mind spirit tension to re-discover yourSelf. Heal deeply as your body lets go of old stored stress , anxiety and more. Heather lives her profession dedicating herself to a lifetime of practice & continued education in her field of healing. With kindness & compassionate.

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