The Fascia Clinic Fascia Therapy Process

Through observiation of the healing patterns of our clients, we have developed a process that supports this work while remaining flexible to the unique journey of the individual.

1. The Initial Assessment

The TFC Initial Assessment is a 75-minute session that starts with a consultation to map out where you are in your healing journey, followed by a postural assessment, after which we will conduct a therapeutic massage session that allows you to fully relax into your natural resting state and allows the therapist to outline the body’s patterns. We end the session in a 15 minute consultation to review the patterns the therapist has found in the fascial system and the correlating emotional archetypes that we most often see with this presenting shape. From here your therapist will recommend a Fascia Repatterning therapy program and schedule.

2. Repatterning and Integration

Through The Fascial Repatterning Program we can heal from recurring injuries, break out of emotional and mental addictions, reduce stress and anxiety, shift our epigenetic imprinting and susceptibilities and experience radical self growth. Each fascial session, the client wears a swimsuit or shorts + bra so the therapist + client can work together in active + passive fascial releases. Each session lasts 45 minutes hands on + concludes in a 15 minute consultation to review progress, story body unfolding + movement re-education.  Every 3-6 weeks, the client returns for a fascial integration session that includes a 90 minute therapeutic massage targeted to helping the body process the fascial work begin done. 

At the end of each program, the therapist drafts a progress report showing the strides the client has taken in physical growth + breakthroughs. 

3. Maintenance

After your program, your therapist will recommend a maintenance program of bi-weekly or monthly sessions to ensure that your progress remains integrated, and to stay connected with your ever-changing body in order to make proactive recommendations for further work.

4. Life Events, Breakthroughs and Age

Life events such as pregnancies, injuries, illness recoveries and stressful periods such as breakups or the death of a loved one all change who we are physically and energetically, sometimes drastically. In these cases it’s sometimes helpful to begin a new Fascial Repatterning program. Similarly, sometimes we experience a sort of delayed breakthrough after our original program, where the repatterning we conducted integrates fully and we “level up” in a more sudden way. This can be indicated by insights, mood changes, new abilities to draw personal boundaries and other signs. These breakthroughs can also be a great time to begin a new Fascial Repatterning program to kickstart your next evolution of growth. Finally, we all age. Our bodies change and adapt to our changing lifestyles and the natural progression of life. These cumulative effects can sometimes bring us to a place where a new program would be helpful in living the next several years of our lives to the fullest.

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