The Feeling Fascia™
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The Feeling Fascia™ method is designed to fully equip practitioners to work with the fascial tissues, understanding its patterns and nuances, to create lasting, life-changing shifts in their clients’ well-being.

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What is The Feeling Fascia Method?

The Feeling Fascia Method is a unique and thoughtful approach, designed to deepen practitioners’ connection with the fascial tissues. It’s about fostering a genuine understanding and developing an intuitive feel for the fascia, ensuring that practitioners can work with it in a holistic and sensitive manner. The method encompasses:

  • A holistic, homeopathically-grounded understanding of fascia.
  • Hands-on techniques that emphasize effective, intuitive touch.
  • Exploration of the interconnections between fascia and other bodily systems.
  • Training in recognizing fascial restrictions and areas of tension.
  • A focus on patient-centered care, emphasizing communication and feedback.
  • Guidance on integrating mindfulness and presence during fascial work.
  • Techniques for facilitating fascial hydration and fluidity.
  • Understanding the emotional and energetic aspects linked to fascial tensions.
  • An emphasis on continuous learning, incorporating the latest fascial research.
  • Strategies for self-care and maintaining practitioner’s physical and emotional well-being during fascial work.

Your journey to becoming a Master Feeling Fascia Practitioner


Step 1: Feeling Fascia Foundations

Introduction to The Feeling Fascia Method
3-hour Webinar
Begin with a foundational understanding of the Feeling Fascia Method. This course is tailored to provide insights into distinguishing fascia from other bodily tissues, introducing you to the essentials of how to effectively and sensitively work with the fascia on your clients.
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Step 2: Become a Certified Feeling Fascia Therapist

Advanced Fascial Techniques and Applications
21-hour In-person Training
Building upon the initial foundation, this course offers a more in-depth exploration of the Feeling Fascia Method. Learn refined techniques and methodologies that address the multifaceted aspects of fascial work, enhancing your therapeutic approach.
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Step 3: Become a Feeling Fascia Certified Master

Mastery in The Feeling Fascia Method
6-month Mentorship
For those seeking to deepen their expertise and commitment to the Feeling Fascia Method, this upcoming course provides a comprehensive certification pathway. Elevate your skills and knowledge, and join a community of therapists dedicated to a thoughtful and holistic approach to fascial work.
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Meet Your Teacher

Heather Natoli

Homeopathic Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Fascia Bodyworker, Certified Fascia Fitness Trainer, Certified Restore Your Core Teacher

Heather Natoli is the founder and owner of The Fascia Clinic in Manasquan, NJ where she educates and facilitates fascia bodywork and movement repatterning for clients and healing practitioners. Heather Natoli is a homeopathic practitioner, licensed massage therapist and fascia bodyworker, a certified fascia fitness professional and certified Restore Your Core teacher. She is on a journey to empower and encourage individuals to take their healing back into their own hands by understanding their patterns and needs through deep inner connection. The magic lies in safely reconnecting ourselves to ourselves and the world around us.