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In this online therapy, I will facilitate a deep fascial release guide that will help you free your fascia. In turn, you will move more freely, release deep rooted stress or anxiety + feel more buoyancy in the way you carry yourself.

We have spent a lot of time seated in front of computers. This takes a huge toll on our bodies.

You may be suffering from recurring headaches or migraines, feel the tension of stressful days build in your neck + shoulders or have an injury like whiplash.

Perhaps you have nerve pains in your arms, or hamstrings that always feel tight.

These are signs of nerve entrapment + symptoms that can be relieved by deep fascial work.

The fascia encases the nerves + blood vessel that travel to and from your brain + deep organs. When we are in protection mode, our body naturally tenses muscles + forms around these structures.

Next group dates:

November 5, 1-2pmĀ 

November 12, 1-2pm

November 19, 1-2pm

December 3, 1-2pm

December 10, 1-2pm

Week 1
Head + neck Week 2
Breath space + shoulders Week 3
Freeing the sacrum + back Week 4
Releasing the legs Week 5
A full body integration

Buy a drop-in session:

$25 per class drop in


Sign up for all sessions:

$110 for all 5 classes

If you purchase all sessions, you will receive the recorded replay of any sessions that have already taken place.

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